Developed in the 1940s, Krav Maga is a dynamic self-defense and fighting system that teaches participants how to protect themselves from attackers. It combines philosophy and techniques from both martial arts and fight training. In addition to teaching physical training and self-defense methods, it provides training in discipline and focus.

Though traditionally practiced by men, many women have found the skills and techniques taught in Krav Maga to have a beneficial effect in helping them feel safe from harm.

What does Krav Maga training entail?

Generally, Krav Maga classes start with a warm-up, which is followed up by the teaching of a specific skill or technique. These warm-ups may consist of striking practice or mild cardio drills. But generally, they prepare you for the class and get your blood flowing.


The warm-up is followed by a lesson, which typically focuses on one technique or hold. It may also include running through scenarios or practicing partner work where one participant is the “attacker,” and one is the “defender.” This allows both partners time to practice their skills. By getting both perspectives, it’s also helpful to see how effective a move can be from an attacker’s perspective.

Why practice Krav Maga?

The reasons people may practice Krav Maga vary. Krav Maga classes can certainly be intense, and some may use it as a form of physical activity. Others, especially women, learn Krav Maga techniques to feel safe from harm, as the strikes taught are meant to be used in real life – if and when someone were to ever attack you.

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