Using-Your-Imagination-in-Martial-Arts-The-Way-Family-DojoMartial arts cultivates focus, respect, and confidence in everything you do. The further you go down the path of training, the more you will notice how much you’re using your imagination to progress. Continuing to use the imagination actively throughout your life is as valuable as any skill you can develop.

Here are a few ways using your imagination in martial arts can help you progress at any stage of your practice:

Imagine Early

As a toddler, your view of the world is based on what you can sense and imitate. When experience is lacking, the only place to begin is the imagination. You see others walking and start to imagine yourself walking. Soon the body connects imagination to physical movement, and you’re on your way. Within a short amount of time, the mind starts to imagine the possibility of running, jumping, and climbing. Independence and confidence are fueled by imagination from the very beginning of life.

Imagine the Possibilities

Being able to envision and perform the best technique during training is your imagination working as a guide. A black belt is a white belt that never stopped trying. A black belt is also a white belt that saw itself as a future master. The greatest leaders, scholars, and athletes throughout history have often been called visionaries. The difference between a visionary and everyone else is the ability to see a possibility and start to piece together a method for making the possible real.

Apply What You’ve Imagined

A daydream is your imagination without direction. Bringing a concept to life requires you to imagine repeatedly until the repetition creates something noticeable and useful. Just like walking through a field that no one else has ever seen, it takes multiple passes to see the path unfold clearly in front of you. So as you repeat the same technique over and over, remember it’s not merely an exercise in “muscle memory” and discipline. It’s an exercise in seeing the next step and putting the pieces together to make it happen.

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