Tricky-Strangers-How-to-Know-When-You-Are-in-Danger-The-Way-Family-DojoWhen you’re out and about with your family or friends, you probably want to focus on having fun! However, a tricky stranger may approach you.

How to Know When You’re in Danger

When someone you don’t know does or says any of the following, they are probably trying to “trick” you. Here are a few ways that tricky strangers act:

Forced Teaming: The tricky stranger uses words like “us,” “we,” and “our” and talks about things you have in common. But they’re only doing this so that you’ll let your guard down.

Charm and Niceness: The tricky stranger will try to charm you into doing what they want. Remember that niceness does not equal goodness.

Too Many Details: You can tell when a tricky stranger is lying to you because they will offer up lots of details. When people tell you the truth, they don’t need to convince you they are telling the truth.

Typecasting: A tricky stranger will label you in a slightly critical way, hoping you will feel compelled to prove them wrong.

Loan Sharking: The tricky stranger will do something for you, so you are in their debt.

The Unsolicited Promise: The tricky stranger will use a promise to convince you of intention, but a promise is not a guarantee.

Discounting the Word “No”: The tricky stranger will discount your no. If they do not respect your no on the small things, they will not respect your no on the big things.

Being able to spot these tricky stranger behaviors is a good way to know when you might be in danger. If something about a person seems strange or weird, the safest thing to do is immediately find an adult you know and trust.

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