When you train in martial arts, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of your instructor. They likely have a lot of experience guiding students of all ages through their martial arts journey. Therefore, it’s beneficial to you and your practice to ask questions and get the most out of every class you attend.

Your instructor wants you to get the most out of each class, as well. And to do so, here are just a few things that your martial arts instructor wants you to do:

1. Create a consistent routine.

One thing that your martial arts instructor wants you to do is to create a consistent routine. Committing to a regular training schedule shows that you’re committed to putting in the effort to get results. And most instructors will recognize your commitment and do what they can to provide support and accountability.


2. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Your instructor might be leading a group class, but they also understand that each individual has their own personal goals. To achieve your own goals, avoid comparing yourself to other people in your classes. Instead, focus on your own individual improvement and stop worrying about someone else’s martial arts journey.

3. Share information about past obstacles.

As mentioned previously, your instructor wants you to succeed. If you’re worried about getting hung up on obstacles you’ve faced in the past, let your instructor know. Maybe it’s centers around an old injury, a specific technique, or a mental block. Sharing this information will help your instructor guide you safely and effectively through a class and empower you to make progress.

4. Commit to the whole class.

A martial arts class usually begins with a warm-up, moves on to some drills, includes an instructional element and a chance to apply new skills, and finally a cool down. Every aspect of a class is as important as the others. So use the whole class to your advantage and commit to getting the most of each minute.

5. Take care of yourself.

Improvement and progress toward your goals don’t just happen when training. Your instructor wants you to take good care of yourself while training and after class ends, and you continue your day. You can take care of yourself by staying hydrated, making pretty good food choices, and trying to get plenty of quality sleep each night.

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