3-Ways-Taekwondo-Promotes-Personal-Growth-The-Way-Family-DojoTaekwondo is both a physical and mental practice in that it emphasizes the strengthening of both body and mind. Through a disciplined approach to their martial arts training, students can learn new skills that translate to personal growth in life beyond the mats.

Here are three ways that Taekwondo promotes personal growth:

1. Respect

Taekwondo calls for a level of respect that promotes structure and discipline in student’s lives. The respect learned through martial arts can be carried into other settings, such as school, home, and the community.

Students must respect and honor their teachers. One way to demonstrate respect is by bowing to your instructor at the beginning and end of class. At the same time, students are held to a high standard of self-respect. There is the expectation that you’ll come to class prepared and ready to focus on the daily lesson.

2. Accountability

Taekwondo students are accountable for their behavior, practice, and effort level during class. They witness their progress in a tangible way, through belt ranks. The greater the effort, and the stronger the sense of discipline, the more likely students will progress into the next belt rank.

Taekwondo also cultivates accountability through these expectations. For a class to be conducted with structure, each student is responsible for controlling their own behavior. Students must also honor their peers and instructors by paying attention and adhering to rules. These actions develop and promote accountability in school, work, and many other areas of daily life.

3. Self-Confidence

Because Taekwondo involves promotion through belt ranks, it also offers students opportunities to see their progress and strive for improvement. Students grow their self-confidence by working hard and progressing through belt-ranks, which are one of many signs of their success. The confidence students gain by taking ownership of their efforts and achievements can also be carried into their daily lives and lead to personal growth in other areas.

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