A blank smartphone screen on a tableMartial arts training takes discipline and focus. But being able to focus on your training and block out any distractions isn’t easy. Like any other skill, training your mind to stay focused takes practice.

When you step onto the mats, it might help to think about putting your mind on airplane mode. Pause all unwanted notifications for the next thirty to sixty minutes.

If you’re able to mute your mental distractions, here are some of the benefits:

You’re more likely to pay attention to the current moment.

When you can pay attention to the current moment, you develop mindfulness. Instead of thinking about what happened earlier in the day or what you still have to get done, you can focus on the present. In martial arts, your focus on the present means you’re more likely to be engaged in your training.

You’ll feel more productive and be more efficient.

More focus and engagement tend to lead to improved productivity and efficiency. With fewer distracting thoughts, you clear out the mental space to think about what you’re doing. While training, you’ll have fewer wasted movements and more opportunities to think through your strategy.

You’ll reduce stress and enjoy yourself more.

Getting rid of unwelcome, distracting thoughts leads to a reduction in stress. And when you train with less mental pressure, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself. So not only will you be able to improve your martial arts skills, but you’ll also have fun while doing it.

Putting your mind on airplane mode leads to more effective martial arts training. But it’s an act that also applies to other areas of your life. By practicing staying focused through martial arts, you’re more likely to take what you’ve learned outside of your training into your daily life.

Martial arts gives you the opportunity to develop focus and concentration in a fun environment. To learn more about how to get started, contact us at The Way Family Dojo in Magnolia.