Starting-School-with-a-Martial-Arts-Mindset-The-Way-Family-DojoWhether your kids are starting the school year in a virtual or in-person classroom, they can use the same mindset as in their martial arts training to start the year out strong. This martial arts mindset includes character traits and skills like:

  • Respect
  • Goal-Setting
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Ability to Overcome Challenges

Here are a few ways students can start the school year with a martial arts mindset and put these skills into practice:


Through their martial arts training, students learn to treat others with respect. This includes their instructors, as well as their fellow students. The same applies to a school classroom, either in real life or online. Students in a martial arts mindset know what it means to be respectful of others, no matter the situation.


Being familiar with the goal-setting process can help students be successful in all areas of life. Students who set martial arts goals are familiar with the process and understand the value of working toward a goal. They can take this same skill to their school work, as well.

Strong Work Ethic

Martial arts training takes a strong work ethic that draws on character traits like discipline, control, patience, and persistence. Not everything about martial arts is easy, and the same goes for school. But students who approach a task with a strong work ethic are more likely to see things through and achieve successful results – both in martial arts and in the classroom.

Ability to Overcome Challenges

Students who train in martial arts have experience facing challenges and finding ways to overcome them. Among the many different mental skills that students practice is figuring out how to solve problems or manage obstacles. If something doesn’t work out as expected the first time around, students know that it’s okay to try another technique, method, or strategy until they find a solution that works.

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