Stand-Tall-with-Martial-Arts-Training-The-Way-Family-DojoMany people walk around these days with heads down, slumped over while looking at their feet as they walk through their day. The current pandemic has only made this worse as we try to protect ourselves from infection. But this pattern of curling up and going through the day hunched over can keep you from fully enjoying the world you live in and the people in it.

Martial arts is a great way to learn to stand tall and experience all the greatness the world has to offer.

Confidence Comes First

At some point in your martial arts journey, you will face a new and uncomfortable situation. As with anything, there is uncertainty that causes hesitation or failure. But as you fail and see that everything is still ok, you gain confidence that the problem can be solved or the technique can be learned. The confidence to solve problems and learn from mistakes is a boost that has physical side effects. Suddenly you find yourself looking straight ahead, ready to face anything on or off the mat.

Knowledge Is a Magnet

Although many people are learning the benefits of martial arts training, most of the population only understands martial arts through the lens of the casual observer. Knowing how to control your body, discipline your mind, and learn to adapt to any situation are skills that others can see in your everyday interactions. This elevates you to a position of leader and sometimes teacher, even when you don’t realize it’s happening.

Good Posture Makes You Taller

The strength martial arts give you will literally make you taller. Everything we do is directing our shoulders to shift forward and our spines to round. This translates to hunching over while we stand or walk, sending the subconscious mind into protection mode. This feeling of protecting yourself perpetuates slouching, and by the time you’re an adult, you’re two inches shorter than you should be. Learn to activate your core, strengthen the back and stand at your full height. Not only will you look better, but you’ll also feel better and breathe easier.

Stand tall and be your best through martial arts. The Way Family Dojo in Magnolia is the place for expert instruction and a welcoming community. Contact us today and get started now to keep growing.