Setting-Yourself-Up-for-Success-The-Way-Family-DojoAccomplishing your martial arts goals and getting results is both a physical and mental process. But sometimes, it’s easier to focus on the physical elements and the physical output that happens on the mats. As a result, we sometimes lose track of the mental work that has to be done to achieve success.

Here are a few tips on setting yourself up for success:

1. Don’t forget about the purpose of your journey.

One way to set yourself up for success is to remember the purpose behind your martial arts journey. For example, ask yourself why each class is important to you. Keeping your intention top of mind will not only bring you closer to achieving your goals, but it will also help you out on days you’re less motivated to train.

2. Don’t dwell on the bad days.

No matter how much you try to avoid them, bad days are going to happen. You’ll feel excited and motivated about your training one day and then the total opposite on the next. You might make a mistake (or a lot of them) or struggle to learn a new technique. Or you sleep through your alarm and throw off your entire day. Whatever happens, don’t dwell on your mistakes or bad days. Instead, take the steps you can to get back on track and focus on moving forward.

3. Be persistent with the process.

Feeling success in martial arts can take time, and there are no shortcuts to progress and improvement. There will be times you wonder if you are getting anywhere because it can be hard to see change as it’s happening. Remember to trust yourself and your efforts and be persistent with the process.

4. Be aware of how you talk to yourself.

Another way to set yourself up for success is to become more aware of how you talk to yourself – during a class and throughout your day. For example, you might notice that you have a negative dialogue that frequently plays in your head. As you become more aware of your negative self-talk, try reframing your thoughts into something much more productive and positive.

5. Be flexible with your martial arts journey.

Accomplishing your martial arts goals is not always an easy process. Things will happen that are beyond your control and challenge you on your journey. While pursuing your goals, be flexible with your approach. If you have to adjust your goals, timeline, or strategy, that’s okay!

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