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5 “Secrets” to Making Progress in Martial Arts

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5 “Secrets” to Making Progress in Martial Arts

In a sport like weightlifting, you can measure your progress with the amount of weight you’re lifting week after week. But martial arts isn’t like that. So sometimes, it’s hard to know if and when you’re making progress.

Gauging your progress in martial arts is not always easy. When you’re unsure of your progress, it can lead to a lack of motivation. So the trick is to find ways to ensure your progress and improvement.

Here are some “secrets” to making progress in martial arts:

1. Find a way to get better in every class.

One secret to making progress in martial arts is to find some way to get better in every class. Some days, showing up and following directions is how you get better. Other days, it’s taking a bit of extra time to work on a new skill or technique. Making an effort to improve in each class will eventually add up to noticeable progress.


2. Stay committed and consistent.

To get better and make progress in martial arts, you have to show up and train martial arts consistently. Stay committed to your journey, be patient with your progress, and you will make improvements.

3. Celebrate your accomplishments – big or small.

Another secret to making martial arts progress is to celebrate your accomplishments. To celebrate your accomplishments, you have to take notice of when you have improved. Feeling that sense of accomplishment plays a significant role in motivating you to put in the effort to continue improving. So no matter how big or small your success might be, take the time to celebrate it.

4. Drill and practice good technique.

Sometimes the best way to make progress in martial arts is to go back to the basics. No matter how long you’ve trained or how much you improve, it’s important to always return to fundamental skills. Drilling and practicing good technique creates a solid foundation so that you can go on to learn and apply more complex techniques successfully.

5. Focus on your individual improvement.

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to other students, you might feel like you’re not progressing. Instead, focus on your individual improvement and don’t gauge your progress in terms of how you compare to someone else. Rather, accept where you are and remember that your martial arts journey is unlike anyone else’s.

The truth is, there are no “secrets” to making progress in martial arts. But there are ways to be intentional and create a mindset around improvement. If you show up consistently, put in the effort, find ways to monitor and record what you do in each class, and focus on your individual progress, it will happen.

At The Way Family Dojo in Magnolia, we’re here to support you as you make progress toward becoming safer, stronger, and more confident. To learn more about the programs and classes we’re currently offering, contact us today.


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