Recovery-and-Your-Martial-Arts-Training-The-Way-Family-DojoNo matter what your martial arts goals might be, the consistency of your training plays a significant role in your success. And part of a consistent martial arts practice includes rest and recovery.

Recovery is an element of martial arts training that can make a big difference in your future improvement and success in martial arts. Proper recovery helps you avoid injuries, overtraining, loss of motivation, burnout, and quality of training. With quality recovery in between training sessions or classes, you’ll show up well-rested and ready to work hard.

Here are a few ways to incorporate quality recovery into your martial arts training:

1. Mobility and Range of Motion

Efficient body movements require range of motion. So, if you have limited mobility in joints like your hips or shoulders, it can end up limiting your performance. Improving your range of motion through mobility exercises can help you move better and decrease your risk for injury. For example, a foam roller can help with mobility while working out small knots in your muscles and connective tissue. A lot of martial arts students also incorporate stretching or yoga to promote more movement and mobility.

2. Quality Sleep

Sleep is another essential element of recovery. In general, you want to try to get at least six hours of sleep each night. Anything less than this is probably not enough. Why is sleep so important to recovery? Because while you’re sleeping, your body is working to repair your body from the stress of training and daily life. More sleep means more recovery time for your body.

3. Consistency and Rest Days

Incorporating rest days into your martial arts practice can help you build and maintain a consistent routine. Plan out the days you’ll go to a martial arts class and balance out that training time with adequate recovery. By prioritizing rest, your body and your brain will have a chance to recover, making it less likely that you’ll end up overtraining.

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