Ninjas Taekwondo

(ages 2-6)

Our Ninjas program is for children ages 2-6. This program is designed to introduce the student to Martial Arts. They will learn the basics of Taekwondo and self-defense in a safe and structured environment. The high-energy, fun class will offer many benefits to the student; such as, discipline, respect, ability to follow directions, focus, coordination, and balance.

Warrior Taekwondo

(ages 7 and up)

Taekwondo is a discipline that teaches you how to enhance your life through training your mind and body. Our Warrior program takes you from a white belt learning the basics of Taekwondo to a black belt and beyond where you are perfecting your technique. The taekwondo journey offers many benefits for the student as a whole: self-defense, physical fitness, character building, leadership, confidence, balance, flexibility, strength, memory, and the list goes on and on.

Taekwondo Competition Team

Taekwondo Competition Team

The Competition Team program is designed for the student who wants to become the best that they can be competing in Olympic Style sparring in Taekwondo. The students will be equipped with the skills they need to compete, as well as, gain confidence in their fighting style. The program helps the student with strength and conditioning, as well as, fighting techniques and strategies.

TaeKwonDo Leadership Team

Our goal is to produce Black Belt Leaders on and off the mat. Our Leadership Team is the backbone of our Life Skills program: Focus, Disciple, Respect, Confidence, Honesty and Communication. The Leadership Team is designed to help the student grow into an exceptional leader with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Krav Maga

(ages 14 and up)

Krav maga techniques

Krav Maga is an effective, modern, dynamic self-defense system. Our program will address not only the physical aspects of self-defense, but also, the mental ones. The program offers hand-to-hand combative techniques, ground defense, weapon defense, and much more. Gain the skill set you need to walk with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself and those you love.

Kadima: Women’s Only Self-Defense

(ages 14 and up)


Our Kadima program is a women’s only self-defense class in Magnolia where women can gain the skills they need to feel confident in their ability to defend themselves. Our program focuses on awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, physical techniques, and safety strategies. Our students will learn both the physical and mental aspects of self-defense.

Cage Fitness

(ages 14 and up)

Cage Fitness is a crazy-fun, kick-butt, total body workout designed to cater to people at all levels of fitness. This energy packed workout is based the structure of an MMA bout, but there is no fighting or contact involved. In just 5-5 minute rounds you will get a total body workout that focuses on endurance, strength, power and core. This innovative workout gives you the power to customize your workout by adjusting the intensity level to suit your personal fitness goals. Knock-out your fitness goals and have a blast while doing it!

Homeschool Taekwondo PE Class

This is not your average Homeschool PE class. The Way Family Dojo’s Homeschool Taekwondo PE Program goes beyond keeping the students active. They will learn valuable Martial Arts and Self Defense skills while earning their Black Belt. Our program integrates Life Skills and Leadership training into every Martial Arts class.

Special Needs Athletes

The Way Family Dojo’s Special Needs Athletes Program adapts traditional Martial Arts Training to the needs of the athlete, whether it be physical, developmental or emotional challenges. The skills learned through Martial Arts are great therapy for Special Needs Athletes. The many benefits include: Discipline, Concentration, Coordination, Balance and Confidence.


Need a date night or just a night with the girls? The Way Family Dojo hosts Parents Night Out from 6pm-10pm one Saturday a month. All kids (potty trained) 2 and up are welcome. We provide pizza, Situational Awareness (Stranger Danger) lesson, games, movies and so much more.

$20 for the first child and $10 for each additional.

Call us for details.

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