Preparing-for-Scary-Situations-with-Self-Defense-The-Way-Family-DojoThe thought of encountering a dangerous situation isn’t a fun thing to imagine. But, if you prepare yourself physically and think through your options, the more likely you’ll end up safe if something ever did happen.

What Would You Do?

Read through the following list of questions and situations. Do you have a sense of what you would do or how you’d react?

  • How far will I go to defend myself?
  • Could I defend myself against someone bigger and stronger than me?
  • What can I do if attacked by more than one person?
  • What if I’m someplace where someone picks a fight?
  • What if a noise wakes me up, or I hear an intruder in the house?
  • What if a date starts acting in a way that seems weird or freaks me out?
  • What if my car breaks down on the road and there isn’t any help close by?
  • What if I’m walking by myself and notice someone is following me?

Prepare for Scary Situations with Self-Defense

It’s not easy to imagine yourself in any of these scenarios. They are dangerous situations and can be scary to think about. But if you’re not prepared, the outcome is scary to think about as well.

Learning self-defense techniques can prepare you for worst-case scenarios and help keep you safe. There are life-saving techniques that are vital to learn, as well as skills we hope you never have to use.

The Way Family Dojo in Magnolia offers regular self-defense classes for women, and most of these seminars are free. Our Kadima Women’s Self-Defense classes will teach you the skills you need to feel confident in your ability to defend yourself.

We focus on awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, physical techniques, and safety strategies. To learn more about upcoming classes, contact us today or check out our calendar of events on our Facebook page.