Positive-Thoughts-to-Say-to-Yourself-While-Training-The-Way-Family-DojoHave you ever paid attention to what you say to yourself while training? Some of your thoughts might be positive and productive. But what about any possible negative thoughts?

Negative self-talk can set the tone for your martial arts training and then carry into your daily life. One way to manage your negative thoughts is to replace them with positive ones. It might sound kind of cheesy or silly, but repeating positive thoughts in your head can make a huge difference in your martial arts training.

Here are a few positive thoughts that you can say to yourself while training martial arts:

1. “I am focused.”

If your mind is going all over the place and filled with thoughts that have nothing to do with martial arts, try bringing your attention to a single thought about focus. Take a deep breath and say in your head, “I am focused.”

2. “I can learn something new.”

If you’re on the mats and feel like you’re stuck on a skill, your thoughts might sound like, “I can’t do this. Everyone’s better than me. Why am I not getting this?” Swap out those negative thoughts with a reminder that you’re learning – you’re always learning. Try saying, “I can learn something new.”

3. “I can do challenging things.”

If you have a tough day or are in the process of learning something new or complicated, it can be frustrating. Direct your thoughts in a positive direction by saying, “I can do challenging things.” It’s a reminder that not everything you do will be easy. And that’s okay.

4. “I work hard.”

Another way to remind yourself that not everything about your training is easy is to think about all of the hard work and effort you’ve already put into your practice. Your skills and improvement haven’t happened because of luck. Saying, “I work hard.” reinforces this idea.

5. “I am confident.”

Sometimes you show up for a class and feel like you’re moving slow or your arms and legs just don’t want to work together. Even if your body isn’t cooperating, you can still take charge of your mind. Telling yourself, “I am confident,” “strong,” or “in control” can help you regain a sense of confidence in your abilities on the mat.

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