Martial-Arts-Training-and-Parenting-The-Way-Family-DojoQuite a bit of time is spent showing the effectiveness of martial arts training for kids. It cultivates accountability, confidence, respect, and courage. Character development is as much a part of martial arts as physical development. While focusing on the next generation and guiding our children, it’s important to understand how martial arts training can teach us as parents to set good examples at home.

Discipline Starts at the Top

The rewards of discipline can be difficult to see for young people. Most of the time, rules imposed by mom and dad are dismissed as control methods that reduce the amount of fun in a day. Demonstrating how discipline creates opportunities for success in everyday life is done with ease through the lens of martial arts. Without the discipline of constant effort, progress is slow and stagnant. This is true in all facets of life and having a tangible model on the mat informs how a parent teaches this lesson off the mat. You can’t expect discipline from your child if you don’t expect it from yourself.

Confidence Is Contagious

Finding confidence in your ability to do anything is a lifelong pursuit. There is no specified age or stage in life that we can look to for certainty that we will be confident and secure in our decision making. Showing your children that confidence is more than doing something right is a valuable lesson that many of us were never taught during childhood. Confidence is the willingness to fail because there is a deeper sense that success comes with effort. Demonstrating a relatable example of confidence is contagious for everyone but especially kids. When mom and dad show that they are confident in themselves in the face of struggle or defeat, they demonstrate a realistic view of the growth process. This teaches every child that failure is part of success, and confidence comes from within.

Lead by Example

How many times were you told, “Because I said so.” as an answer to a question as a child? This is not only dismissive, but an opportunity to connect with your child gets lost in the fog of control. A parent’s willingness to put themselves in their children’s shoes shows empathy and courage that a kid can understand. Showing that you are ok with getting on the mat, falling short, and trying again gives a kid realistic expectations of themselves and others. Knowing they can relate to mom and dad makes difficult conversations and life lessons much easier to navigate. Leading by example instead of leading through fear of repercussions is a sure way to create a lifetime of trust and confidence between you and your child.

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