We could all use a little more peace in our lives. It may not be the most obvious path to peace, but martial arts training teaches peace. You may not see this lesson right away. But if you look closely at how martial artists carry themselves and interact with others in their daily lives, it’s there.

Here are just three of the many ways martial arts promotes peace:

1. Calm in a storm.

Remaining calm under duress or in times of crisis as the world around you falls into a panic is like dousing a fire with cold water. One person with the training and the will to find calm can change everyone’s attitude around them. Staying cool and collected leads to a deeper sense of stability, essentially a state of peace. Whether it’s your composure in the face of aggression or the ability to stay focused through confrontation, calm is the way of the martial artist.


2. Power of confidence.

You’ve probably noticed that when you feel confident, there is a sense of ease. You feel as if the situation is in hand and the choice is truly yours with respect to your next move. This ease is another characteristic of peace. When you train to control your body, thoughts, and emotions, you exude the power of confidence. On the mat, your opponent is subconsciously subdued. Putting on a big show to lure someone into poor decision making is easy and only effective some of the time. True confidence is predictably effective in stopping the fight before it starts. Even in competition, when an opponent senses that they have less confidence, they will seek a quick exit. Ultimately, peace prevails through the recognition of supreme confidence.

3. Responsible use of skill.

As martial artists continue to train, they tune into their heightened strength and awareness. One of the main pieces of martial arts training is using your skills responsibly. With ability comes a natural obligation to use that skill as a last resort. Only self-defense and competition justify the use of such force. Peace is often a by-product of discovering the place inside you that can do harm, recognizing it, and becoming the gatekeeper. Confrontation takes at least two people. Using martial arts skills responsibly removes you from this equation, and you become the ultimate peacemaker.

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