Martial-Arts-Gives-Your-Brain-a-Boost-The-Way-Family-DojoMartial arts has so many benefits to offer. And while it’s easy to focus on benefits such as learning self-defense and getting in a great workout, martial arts helps with the development of mental and cognitive skills, as well.

Here are a few of the ways that martial arts gives your brain a boost:

1. Endorphin release.

Any type of physical activity, including martial arts, causes the release of feel-good hormones in the brain. The endorphins released reduce pain, regulate mood, and boost happiness. And ultimately, when you feel better, you learn better.

2. Stress management.

Martial arts can help you manage stress, both physically and mentally. In terms of physical response, the endorphins released in your brain after training will help you manage stress. And at the same time, the physical movement of martial arts enables you to work through any muscle tension you’re experiencing due to stress. Less tension in your muscles leads to less feelings of anxiety. Mentally, the time you spend training martial arts helps you forget about the stress of your day. Rather than running through your to-do list, your mind shifts to your martial arts skills and training.

3. Better sleep.

Making quality sleep a priority in your daily routine does a lot for your brain. And a consistent martial arts practice results in better sleep. Getting a good night of sleep allows you to wake the next morning feeling well-rested and refreshed. In addition to feeling better after a decent night of sleep, you’ve also given your brain’s cognition and thought processes the opportunity to improve while you’re asleep.

4. More focus.

Research has shown that the mental boosts that come from a martial arts practice don’t create just a short boost you get immediately after training. The effects are longer-lasting, and one of the long-term mental benefits is an improvement in your ability to focus. Throughout a class, your instructors help you establish and redirect your point of focus, leading to a sharper and more attentive mind.

5. Improved memory.

Another brain-boosting benefit of martial arts is improving your memory. Similar to how you train your body, training your brain (through something like martial arts) helps you to maintain this critical cognitive skill. Martial arts techniques get you moving in new and different ways. This constant state of learning and recalling what you’ve learned keeps your brain sharp.

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