Make-a-Successful-Return-to-Martial-Arts-The-Way-Family-DojoIf it’s been several weeks or months since you last attended a martial arts class or even stepped foot on a mat, getting back into a training routine can be challenging. Here are five tips to help you make a successful return to martial arts:

1. Revisit your why.

As you’re getting back into training, it’s helpful to take some time to revisit your why. First, remind yourself why this process is important to you. Then, make a plan for how you’ll overcome any obstacles that are likely to pop up as you get back to training.

2. Set (or re-set) your martial arts goals.

Once you’ve revisited the purpose behind your martial arts journey, set (or re-set) your martial arts goals. For example, if you had some SMART goals in the past, come back to those and figure out if they’re still relevant at this point. Then, set goals aligned with your current level of training and what you’re excited to work on right now.

3. Start where you are now.

As you’re getting back to consistent training, manage your expectations. It’s important that you start back up where you are now. As much as you want to pick up where you left off, give your body and mind time to adjust. Starting with a more conservative approach where you gradually build back up means you’re more likely to make a successful comeback.

4. Connect with your community.

Before you head back to class, check in with your instructors and let them know you’ll be coming back. Connect with your martial arts community and let your training partners know you’ll be back, as well. Once you show up, being around people with like-minded goals will help you get back into a consistent routine. Plus, you might find that a few people in the class are also in the process of making a comeback.

5. Stick to a consistent plan.

You might plan on training every day for the next month. But you might also be setting yourself up for disappointment. Rather than doing too much too soon, create a realistic plan that you’re more likely to stick with. Start with two or three classes per week. Then build on that consistency with more frequent classes and higher intensity in the future.

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