Kids-Martial-Arts-and-Bullying-The-Way-Family-DojoOne of the common core values that all martial arts schools expect their students to show others is respect. Bullying is the exact opposite of respectful behavior. It’s the deliberate and repeated intention to hurt another person.

While we hope that your child never has an encounter with a bully, we know that it’s a possibility. And that’s why we teach our students skills and techniques that will help them if ever confronted by a bully.

Here are three ways martial arts teaches kids to deal with a bully:

1. Self-Defense

Kids who participate in martial arts learn self-defense skills. However, we instruct our students that physical self-defense should be their final option. We don’t encourage using violence in conflict. Instead, we focus on teaching valuable life skills that can help diffuse a threatening confrontation.

2. Self-Discipline

A student’s martial arts practice builds on individual improvement. To make progress, students must show up for class engaged and ready to work hard. Training to improve develops self-discipline. A disciplined child is more likely to remain calm and in control of their body and mind. Even when under pressure or threatened. The ability to stay calm and in control increases the chances that a child can think more clearly and diffuse a threat successfully.

3. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can be a child’s best line of defense when dealing with a bully. Martial arts training helps children feel more confident. Each small success that a child experiences through martial arts contributes to their self-confidence. At the same time, kids usually end up also looking more confident. Martial arts promotes confident body language resulting in a straighter posture, more eye contact.

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