Kids-Learn-Patience-through-Martial-Arts-The-Way-Family-DojoKids who are patient are more likely to:

  • Remain calm and in control when frustrated or stressed.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Be polite, kind, and respectful.
  • Be more accepting and understanding.
  • Stick with activities long-term and accomplish goals.

So how can your kids work on developing patience? It’s not always easy. Especially when we live in a time when most of our needs can be met immediately.

Martial arts is a great way to learn the value of patience. Here are a few ways that kids learn patience through martial arts:

1. By learning to problem solve.

When faced with a challenge in martial arts, students learn how to approach the problem and find a solution. For example, rather than rushing through learning a new skill or improving a technique, kids break things down and practice through repetition. Taking the time to go through this process helps kids associate the results of their training with the learning process and practice. Ultimately, breaking things down and working through a challenge promotes patience.

2. By following a process or a plan.

Goal-setting is important in martial arts. But just as important are the necessary steps kids need to take to reach their goal. The process is what will enable a student to reach their goal, make improvements, and feel successful. As much as a student might want to reach an outcome, they must be patient and persistent in their training.

3. By working hard and not taking shortcuts.

In martial arts, success comes from working hard. Students learn that there are no shortcuts. So no matter how much you want to learn something quickly or achieve success overnight, there is no instant gratification in martial arts. Instead, if you’re patient and willing to put in the effort and stay disciplined, you’ll eventually feel a sense of accomplishment.

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