How-to-Stay-Motivated-to-Work-Out-The-Way-Family-DojoWhat are some ways that you can maintain your motivation to stay active and workout? Here are four ideas on how to stay motivated to work out:

1. Keep mixing things up.

If you begin to get bored with your workout routine, it’s hard to stay motivated and excited to train. By joining a group fitness class or program, you’re guaranteed to get variety in your workouts. Rather than walking into the gym and stepping onto a treadmill or going through the same routine, group fitness instructors know how to mix things up. Rather than putting off your next workout, you’ll find yourself curious and looking forward to what’s in store for your next class.

2. Make learning a part of your workouts.

Another way to stay motivated is by keeping your workouts interesting. A workout routine where you’re always learning new skills or techniques is more engaging than repeating the same patterns and movements. With your brain more engaged, you’ll get a more effective workout and look forward to improving what you’ve learned so far.

3. Build consistency and maintain momentum.

Unfortunately, motivation doesn’t stream from a never-ending source. There are days where you’ll experience dips in your motivation and have no interest in working out. First, this drop in your motivation happens to everyone! So what can you do about it? Rely on your consistency and maintain your momentum. Let’s say you build up a consistent workout routine where you go to class at noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday. Rather than thinking about when you’ll workout, all you have to do is maintain your momentum and stick to your routine.

4. Plan for common obstacles.

We all have certain workout obstacles that have a tendency to pop up and get in our way. The challenge isn’t figuring out how to make these obstacles disappear. Instead, try to come up with a plan on how you can overcome them in the future. If you know that after a solid week of workouts that you tend to drop off, make a plan for how you can keep your workout streak going. You know yourself best, so you’ll probably be able to come with a few ideas on how to conquer these obstacles. For example, you could reward yourself with a pedicure or new book, etc. after four weeks of consistent workouts.

Another way to maintain motivation is to keep your workouts convenient. At The Way Family Dojo in Magnolia, we offer our Cage Fitness classes at the same time as our kids martial arts classes. Get your sweat on while your kids are in their martial arts class!

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