How-to-Bring-Your-Goals-to-Life-The-Way-Family-DojoDo you have goals that you’d like to accomplish, but you’re not quite sure how to turn them into real-life success? Here are three steps that will walk you through how to bring your goals to life:

Step 1. Set clearly defined goals and write them down.

First, make sure you’ve clearly defined your goal. The more specific you can make your goal, the more likely you are to accomplish it. For example, if your goal is to “improve your fitness,” that’s great! But what does improving your fitness look like to you? It might be something like “improve my strength and flexibility by going to martial arts classes three days a week for the next month.”

Once you have clearly defined your goal, write it down. Write down your goals and keep them in a place where you’ll see them frequently throughout the day. Each time you see your goals, you’ll get a quick reminder of what you’re working toward.

Step 2. Write out how you will feel when you achieve your goal.⁣

In addition to writing down your goals, the next step is to think about how you will feel when you achieve your goal. Take some time to reflect on what that will feel like and write down what you come up with.

Getting a taste of your accomplishment can be a huge source of motivation as you work toward your goal. On the days that you’re not as motivated, come back to your written reflection. Remind yourself of what it will feel like if you keep pushing forward and making the effort to continue your progress.

Step 3. Reflect on these feelings.

Your goals and how you will feel when you accomplish them are both things to come back to often. Reflect on these feelings and continue to take steps to make your goals a reality. Reflecting on your feelings can help you renew your sense of purpose and remind you why your goals are important to you.

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