What-to-Expect-in-Your-First-Martial-Arts-Class-The-Way-Family-DojoStarting something new can be intimidating and overwhelming. This is true, especially when you’re beginning a new training regimen. By choosing martial arts, you take a positive step toward self-confidence, wellness, and physical fitness. Martial arts are challenging and require patience and dedication. But they are also accessible to anyone who wants to learn and put forth the effort to be better.

Here are a few things to expect when preparing for your first class.

Manners Matter

The first thing to know about martial arts is that there is an expectation for all practitioners to speak and act with respect towards others. Understanding that you are there to learn and listen is key to integrating into a martial arts community. Address the instructor with confidence and respect. Interact with others with humility and kindness. Even though martial arts can be tough, it is only through the support of the community that you will grow and thrive. Keep a new student mindset, and you will go far quickly.

Get Ready to Commit

Martial arts are not meant to be practiced occasionally when it’s convenient. Martial arts are a lifestyle choice that begins the first day at the studio. Out of respect for the instructors and community, it’s important to show up consistently and be fully present on a regular basis. This accountability begins on day one. Warming up to a regular routine is not the martial arts way. Commit and continue, and soon the first day will be a distant but fond memory.

Land in the Right Spot

The first-class sets the tone, so do your homework and find the best place to join. Not all martial arts studios are created equal, and each has its own unique culture. Find the place that fits your personality, addresses your specific goals, and has the community you’re looking for to support you. Sometimes you can’t fully know which studio or style is right for you until you try. But doing a bit of research before taking your first class can give you a realistic expectation and set you up for years of training and success.

The Way Family Dojo can help make your first martial arts class successful and fun. We are a compassionate, knowledgeable community that is always seeking to grow and improve. Contact us to get started or come by to meet our instructors and fellow martial artists who are ready to help you succeed.