Encourage-Your-Child-to-Stick-with-Martial-Arts-The-Way-Family-DojoIf your child participates in martial arts, you might be curious about how you can support them.

Here are five ways to encourage your child to stick with martial arts:

1. Keep it positive.

Before and after class, focus on all the positive things about going to class. Like, showing up and participating means that your child will get to see friends and fellow students. After class, ask your child what was the most fun part of class or what did they enjoy the most. You can also ask about what they learned that day and what they’re looking forward to doing in their next class.

2. Focus on individual improvement.

One of the great things about martial arts is that you can advance at your own pace. Everyone who practices martial arts, both kids and adults, learns in their own time. Focusing on individual improvement allows your child to use their personal strengths and improve on any weaknesses without any pressure to perform at the same level as their peers.

3. Celebrate accomplishments.

The more your child learns about martial arts, the more they’ll pick up valuable character traits like discipline, patience, and self-confidence. As your child masters specific techniques through dedicated practice, take the time to celebrate their accomplishments. The celebration doesn’t have to be elaborate. But, by acknowledging improvements, your child is likely to be motivated to continue making future progress.

4. Participate as a family.

Another great thing about martial arts is that anyone can enjoy learning the art of self-defense at any age. The variety of ages and experiences makes martial arts a great family activity. And by participating in martial arts yourself, you’ll be modeling healthy habits and behaviors for your kids.

5. Encourage rather than correct.

Staying and watching your child’s martial arts class shows that you’re interested in their activities. As you observe your child, you might notice things that they can do differently. But try to leave any corrective comments to your child’s instructors. Once class is over, stay positive, and encourage your child’s hard work and effort.

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