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November 2021

Simple, Practical Tips for Fueling Your Body


We all know that food is fuel. But how do you figure out what’s the best fuel to put in the tank? With so many diets, “magical” formulas, and too-good-to-be-true promises out there, it’s hard to figure out where to even start. If you have no idea where to begin, start by taking a step [...]

Simple, Practical Tips for Fueling Your Body2021-11-19T08:10:29+00:00

7 Ways to Make a Workout More Enjoyable


Sticking to a consistent routine might be a mental battle if you struggle with seeing your workouts as something you get to do (rather than something you have to do). But if your workouts become a way to improve your health and have fun, then you might look forward to your next workout. Here are [...]

7 Ways to Make a Workout More Enjoyable2021-11-12T08:30:07+00:00

How to Be a Good Martial Arts Training Partner


Training or sparring with a partner is a great way to practice and apply your martial arts skills. And throughout your martial arts journey, you’ll train (and compete) with a variety of martial arts students. No matter who you’re training with, here are a few ways to ensure that you’re a good martial arts training [...]

How to Be a Good Martial Arts Training Partner2021-11-08T11:12:37+00:00

Setting Yourself Up for Success


Accomplishing your martial arts goals and getting results is both a physical and mental process. But sometimes, it’s easier to focus on the physical elements and the physical output that happens on the mats. As a result, we sometimes lose track of the mental work that has to be done to achieve success. Here are [...]

Setting Yourself Up for Success2021-09-20T10:47:31+00:00

October 2021

3 Ways Kids Learn Patience through Martial Arts


Kids who are patient are more likely to: Remain calm and in control when frustrated or stressed. Make better decisions. Be polite, kind, and respectful. Be more accepting and understanding. Stick with activities long-term and accomplish goals. So how can your kids work on developing patience? It’s not always easy. Especially when we live in [...]

3 Ways Kids Learn Patience through Martial Arts2021-09-15T08:15:16+00:00

6 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Self-Defense


At first, it might seem like teaching a child self-defense might promote aggressive behavior or scare your child. However, learning self-defense in a structured environment, such as martial arts class, provides kids with physical and mental benefits that keep them safe. Here are some of the reasons why kids should learn self-defense: 1. Physical Activity [...]

6 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Self-Defense2021-09-10T08:37:24+00:00

5 Things Your Martial Arts Instructor Wants You to Do


When you train in martial arts, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of your instructor. They likely have a lot of experience guiding students of all ages through their martial arts journey. Therefore, it’s beneficial to you and your practice to ask questions and get the most out of every class you attend. Your [...]

5 Things Your Martial Arts Instructor Wants You to Do2021-09-10T08:37:14+00:00

Kids Martial Arts Training and Building Endurance


Along with strength, balance, and flexibility, kids need to build endurance as part of their overall fitness and health. Endurance develops from aerobic activities and leads to a healthier heart and cardiovascular system. According to the CDC, kids need 60 minutes of physical activity every day that includes aerobic conditioning, as well as muscle and [...]

Kids Martial Arts Training and Building Endurance2021-09-10T08:37:01+00:00

September 2021

Preparing for Scary Situations with Self-Defense


The thought of encountering a dangerous situation isn't a fun thing to imagine. But, if you prepare yourself physically and think through your options, the more likely you'll end up safe if something ever did happen. What Would You Do? Read through the following list of questions and situations. Do you have a sense [...]

Preparing for Scary Situations with Self-Defense2021-09-10T08:36:45+00:00

Gis 4 GIs Fall Event at The Way Family Dojo


This fall, The Way Family Dojo is hosting a BJJ seminar to benefit military members, veterans, and first responders – or “Oath Takers.” The Gis for GIs organization strives to help these active-duty service members cope with the stress of their work through martial arts. Gis for GIs Founded in 2015, Gis for GIs sends [...]

Gis 4 GIs Fall Event at The Way Family Dojo2021-09-10T08:36:35+00:00
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