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February 2022

Why is Protein Important?


Why is protein so important? Proteins are often called the building blocks of the body consisting of combinations of structures called amino acids that help make muscle, bone, tendons, skin, hair, and other tissues. As an athlete, protein is crucial to your diet for many reasons. For example, amino acids help your body maintain its [...]

Why is Protein Important?2022-01-07T10:44:06+00:00

3 Tips to Stay Motivated in Your Martial Arts Practice


Participating in martial arts gives you benefits both on and off the mats. You learn self-defense while building resilience, self-discipline, and confidence. Despite all the benefits that martial arts has to offer, it’s possible that at some point, your motivation to continue training will fall. So, what can you do when this happens? Here are [...]

3 Tips to Stay Motivated in Your Martial Arts Practice2022-01-07T10:33:29+00:00

January 2022

3 Benefits of Taking Time to Unplug


The device you carry around in your pocket or purse is powerful. And convenient. It keeps our minds occupied. Which means that sometimes we spend a lot of free time scrolling through social media feeds. After a while, these small bits of time add up. But when you’re able to unplug, even for just a [...]

3 Benefits of Taking Time to Unplug2021-12-23T09:19:14+00:00

Why We Need Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility


Focusing on strength, mobility, and flexibility in your martial arts training leads to a few benefits. By including these three elements in your practice, you’ll be able to move better on the mats and in your daily life. You’ll also reduce your risk for future injuries and find a sense of balance in your training [...]

Why We Need Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility2021-12-23T09:10:36+00:00

Martial Arts: A Well-Rounded Program for Kids


By participating in martial arts, students learn valuable lessons that encourage them to become well-rounded individuals. Martial arts classes focus on a variety of topics, including: Skill Development Self-Defense Skills Character-Building Values Skill Development Kids who train in martial arts will learn and develop valuable physical and mental skills. Participating in martial arts is a [...]

Martial Arts: A Well-Rounded Program for Kids2021-12-23T09:02:30+00:00

3 Ways to Stick to Your Martial Arts Goals This Year


We’re just a few days into the new year. So if you haven’t thought about your martial arts goals for the coming months, there is still time. As you work toward your personal goals this year, you’ll probably experience some ups and downs along the way. However, you can do a few things to [...]

3 Ways to Stick to Your Martial Arts Goals This Year2022-01-04T09:35:19+00:00

December 2021

Meditation Benefits and Your Martial Arts Practice


Training your mind is equally as important as training your body. Through meditation, your awareness and focus will increase, allowing you to enhance your martial arts practice. Here are a few of the benefits of meditation that will also help you in your martial arts practice: 1. Reduces Stress Stress has different effects on different [...]

Meditation Benefits and Your Martial Arts Practice2021-12-16T09:46:19+00:00

7 Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping


When you’re out shopping for the holidays, it’s easy to get distracted and become less aware of your surroundings. And unfortunately, thieves target distracted shoppers this time of year because they know people are transporting valuable items to their cars. Here are some safety tips to follow this holiday shopping season: 1. Park in a [...]

7 Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping2021-12-14T08:09:31+00:00

5 Reasons Why Martial Arts is Good for Your Ninja


Starting martial arts as a young child has many benefits. Starting early in life will help your child form a foundation of useful physical skills they can use as they get older. The skills kids learn through martial arts can then be applied to other areas of life. Here are five reasons why martial [...]

5 Reasons Why Martial Arts is Good for Your Ninja2021-12-07T07:04:10+00:00

5 Character-Building Values Found in Martial Arts


Martial arts training teaches you skills to defend yourself. However, what you learn through martial arts encompasses much more than self-defense skills. Like other sports, martial arts requires more than technical skills to improve over time and be successful as a student. You must also develop mental skills. And these mental skills make you [...]

5 Character-Building Values Found in Martial Arts2021-12-01T07:00:02+00:00
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