Benefits-of-Competing-in-Martial-Arts-Tournaments-The-Way-Family-DojoAs a martial arts student, you or your child may be curious about tournament competitions. Competing in a tournament is always optional, so why might your child benefit from choosing to compete against fellow martial artists?

Here are 3 benefits of competing in martial arts tournaments:

1. A Safe Environment to Apply Skills

The environment created by competition isn’t like anything a student will encounter at a martial arts school or studio. This structured and secure environment gives students the chance to really test their skills and apply everything they’ve learned about martial arts.

2. Build Self-Confidence

It’s true that martial arts is an individual sport, and we encourage our students to compare their skills to what they were able to do in the past. But at the same time, competing against others allows students to see what they’re truly capable of and to build confidence in their ability. Even taking a loss can still contribute to a child’s confidence. Kids learn with experience that even when they lose, the result isn’t as bad as they might’ve imagined. Instead, they can take it as a learning experience and set goals with a focus on what they can do better the next time.

3. Have Fun as Part of a Team

Tournaments aren’t only about competing. They should be fun! And tournament competitions give students the chance to bond with their teammates outside of their traditional classes. This bonding happens through supporting one another, cheering, and giving high-fives. This feeling of team spirit makes students feel a sense of belonging and a shared interest with their peers.

If your child is interested in competing in Taekwondo tournaments but is still unsure, we usually recommend that students attend at least one competition as a spectator. Also, The Way Family Dojo in Magnolia offers a Taekwondo Competition Team. If you’re interested in learning about this or any of our programs, contact us today.