Become-More-Mindful-through-Martial-Arts-Training-The-Way-Family-DojoOne of the many benefits of your martial arts practice is that you can train your body and mind. Mindfulness is one of the mental skills you develop through focused, consistent training.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can become more mindful through martial arts training:

1. Focus on the Present Moment

Staying in the present moment means you’ll get a lot more out of your training. When you practice while only partially paying attention to your technique or strategy, you’re missing out and less engaged. But sticking to the present moment and staying mindful of your movements and thoughts will increase the results you gain from your time and effort.

2. Breathing

When your mind starts to wander, one of the simplest ways to bring your attention back to your training and the present moment is to focus on your breathing. If you find yourself thinking about your work schedule or something on your to-do list, your mind has left the mats. Practice mindful training by first focusing on your breath and then your movements.

3. More Awareness of Your Thoughts

As you gain experience in martial arts, you’ll start to become more aware of your thoughts. What do you say to yourself on the mat? Especially when you’re under pressure? If your inner thoughts are critical or negative, the first thing you must do is to become more aware of them. Once you’re aware of your thoughts, you can begin to reframe what you say to yourself so that your inner dialogue plays a more productive role in your training.

Building mindfulness through your martial arts training can help you apply this valuable skill to other areas of your life. When you feel your mind begin to wander, come back to the present, breathe, and be aware of your thoughts.

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