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May 2021

Kids Taekwondo: 4 Benefits of Consistent Training


Taekwondo provides a structured, safe, and supportive learning environment for kids to learn. And because of the broad scope of Taekwondo techniques, it’s especially suited as a youth martial art. Every child brings something unique to their training; there are individual differences in stature, learning ability, and physical characteristics. These unique differences allow each [...]

Kids Taekwondo: 4 Benefits of Consistent Training2021-05-10T08:29:22+00:00

6 Ways Martial Arts Contributes to Your Overall Health


Your martial arts training has a positive impact on your health. Check out some of the ways that martial arts contributes to your overall health: 1. Martial arts is a full-body workout. Training martial arts is an effective full-body workout. This means all the benefits that you'd expect from a consistent workout routine are [...]

6 Ways Martial Arts Contributes to Your Overall Health2021-05-03T07:47:07+00:00

April 2021

4 Reasons to Slow Down and Breathe


It might be crazy to think about, but something as simple as breathing has a significant effect on our bodies. As an automatic process that our lungs take care of for us, it's easy to forget that we're doing it at all. But when we unknowingly shorten our breaths out of stress, discomfort, or anger, [...]

4 Reasons to Slow Down and Breathe2021-04-23T07:43:05+00:00

What Role Does Training Play in Your Self-Care?


Lately, you've probably heard more and more about the importance of self-care. And for a good reason! We need to take care of ourselves. Training, working out, and exercising can be a key player in your self-care routine. However, it could also end up doing more harm than good. Common signs of trouble are tiredness, [...]

What Role Does Training Play in Your Self-Care?2021-04-16T07:36:10+00:00

Introduce Your Child to an Alternative to Team Sports


Getting your kids involved in sports when they’re young has a lot of advantages. First, playing a sport can be a fun way to make sure that your kids get regular exercise and physical activity. Also, kids can learn and practice social skills and figure out how to play as part of a team. And [...]

Introduce Your Child to an Alternative to Team Sports2021-04-07T08:47:15+00:00

3 Reasons to Make Time for the Things You Love


Balance is an essential part of life. Work and family keep us busy, but it is important to make time for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Setting aside time for the things you love has been shown to help reduce stress. This includes activities like sports, exercise, hobbies, and meditation. In turn, other areas [...]

3 Reasons to Make Time for the Things You Love2021-03-31T09:22:50+00:00

March 2021

3 Ways to Bounce Back from a Setback


In martial arts, we teach our students to be strong and resilient because, at some point, they will experience a setback. A few common setbacks that a student might face include: Mental blocks or fears A disappointing performance at a competition Not moving up a level or qualifying for the next belt rank Struggling with [...]

3 Ways to Bounce Back from a Setback2021-03-19T08:40:50+00:00

What to Expect in Your First Martial Arts Class


Starting something new can be intimidating and overwhelming. This is true, especially when you’re beginning a new training regimen. By choosing martial arts, you take a positive step toward self-confidence, wellness, and physical fitness. Martial arts are challenging and require patience and dedication. But they are also accessible to anyone who wants to learn [...]

What to Expect in Your First Martial Arts Class2021-03-15T11:02:53+00:00

How Martial Arts Helps You Reach Your Goals


Setting goals helps you stay focused and on track to accomplish the things that are important to you. Without an end result in mind, it’s hard to even begin to accomplish anything. Martial arts is based on the process of setting a goal and reaching it so you can set the next goal and continue [...]

How Martial Arts Helps You Reach Your Goals2021-03-09T07:33:02+00:00

We Can Come Back Stronger


The past few weeks have been some of the most difficult we’ve faced as a community. We’ve been tested in many ways and continue to work through a long winter. It’s a time like this when we all come together, pull each other through, and come back stronger. Do the Little Things It’s always nice [...]

We Can Come Back Stronger2021-03-01T11:07:20+00:00