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At The Way Family Dojo it is our mission to create a community that you will love being a part of that will add value to your life through our programs that are grounded in offering world-class instruction while focusing on developing the student as a whole person. Along with learning how to break a board, do a back kick, sparring strategies and more the student will learn what it means to be courteous, live with integrity and persevere in life. We are a Black Belt Leadership school that integrates Life Skills training into every Martial Arts class. Improve focus, discipline, respect and confidence all while having fun!

Our 6,000 square foot facility offers state of the art training while being comfortable for students and their families. Our instructors are highly trained and never stop learning and growing themselves. Whether you’re a white belt starting your martial arts journey, a fighter looking to gain the skills to compete, or a mom looking for a fun way to get in shape; The Way Family Dojo is the place for you.


Tisha Butler
Tisha ButlerOperating Manager & Head Instructor

Instructor Tisha is a black belt mom. That is… she is the mother of 4 black belts and a black belt herself. With over a decade of teaching and training experience and many years of being a mom experience; she has a unique perspective on what her clients need. It is her goal to create a family-friendly atmosphere that enriches the lives of her students and their families. She believes that her students should gain much more from their journey than just their belts.

  • 2nd Dan Kukkiwon Taekwondo black belt
  • Brazilian JiuJitsu Blue Belt
  • Level 3 BaHaLaNa
  • Certified Instructor in Krav Maga
  • Certified Instructor in Women’s Self Defense
  • Certified Instructor in Tactical Stick and Knife Fighting
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Special Needs Athletes Coach
Becka Butler
Becka ButlerHead Coach

Instructor Becka is a World Ranked fighter with 6 years of elite International fighting experience. In 2018 Instructor Becka had an Olympic ranking of 201, World ranking of 143, and a National ranking of 4. She has captured 4 International titles over her fighting career and medaled at 6 International tournaments. She has made the National Team many times and has been the National Champion 5 times. She has trained and competed at The Olympic Training Center and was Team Captain at The World Youth Taekwondo Camp in Seoul, Korea. She is a 2nd Dan Kukkiwon Taekwondo black belt. While Instructor Becka is proud of her accomplishments, what she is most proud of is her opportunity to share what she has learned in her career with her students. It is her passion to train her fighters to be knowledgeable and skilled in the ring. Her program trains both the skills needed in the ring and how to have a strong mental game. Instructor Becka believes in looking at the big picture from the first local tournament all the way to the international podium. Her athletes will get world class training tailored to them by someone who has been there themselves.

Keely Butler
Keely ButlerInstructor/Office Manager
Instructor Keely is a 2nd Dan Kukkiwon Taekwondo black belt with over five years teaching experience with a focus on Special Needs Athletes. She is a 2016 Canadian Open Bronze Medalist and 2013 AAU Nationals Bronze Medalist. Instructor Keely will mentor the Leadership Team. While she was working on getting her black belt, the Leadership program was her favorite. As a young child she was very shy and would not speak in public, but throughout her Martial Arts journey she learned to overcome this. She loves sharing the lessons she has learned with her students.
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