5-Character-Building-Values-Found-in-Martial-Arts-The-Way-Family-DojoMartial arts training can teach you the skills to defend yourself. However, training martial arts encompasses so much more than self-defense skills. And like other sports, martial arts requires more than technical skills to be successful as an athlete.

Students must maintain a healthy level of physical fitness for their training. Learning the importance of health and fitness as a kid sets a good foundation for carrying healthy habits into adulthood.

The skills that make you a better martial arts student are the same skills that carry over into daily life (or your kids’ lives) and build character. Here are some of the character-building values found in martial arts:


Martial arts students learn respect from their class instructors, as well as their fellow students. The expectation is that you treat everyone in your class with respect and this carries into your life off the mat.


Unlike some other sports, martial arts training is less about competing against others and more about individual improvement. As you learn, the only person you need to compare yourself to is yourself. The sense of accomplishment that comes from personal improvement can create a boost in a student’s self-confidence.


To get the most from your self-improvement, students are encouraged to set martial arts goals for themselves. Learning how to set effective goals teaches students the value of small improvements, as well as how to bounce back from setbacks.


Improvement in martial arts takes time. To make progress and continually improve, students must learn the value of patience.


At the same time, students also learn that progress comes in the form of hard work and dedication. Putting forth your best effort whenever you show up for class builds self-discipline.

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